Brand Storytelling in the Age of Purpose: Key Principles and 8 Storytelling Structures

Storytelling puts others in your shoes—and vice versa. It creates connection and is the key to unlocking hearts and minds in the age of skepticism. Join to learn how best to communicate your organization’s deeper purpose using empathetic, compassionate stories so you can galvanize employees and consumers to feel good about your brand and its messages again. You’ll discover: 

  • The ethics of storytelling: Balancing vulnerability and monetization 
  • How to create an ethical storytelling framework for your brand 
  • How to determine your “universal truth” and lead with empathy
  • Best practices; Post-Covid lessons from AirBnB, Corona and others 
  • The 8 basic story structures to consider before you put pen to paper (or hit record)
  • 5 steps to story design your own compelling, compassionate story
  • Miri Rodriguez
    Senior Storyteller, Author "Brand Storytelling"