Brand journalism secrets that will have competitors say ‘I wan’na be like you’

Outstanding stories, clear thinking and excellent writing are the foundations of compelling content, whether you’re creating content for your intranet or publishing on your external newsroom and across social media to get attention. Nailing all three can be a tall order, especially in a sea of digital content and the breakneck pace of social media. Enter the power of brand journalism. Mark Ragan, owner of Ragan Communications, will share how you can grab attention across online channels and audiences by using proven methods of journalism to tell your organization’s stories—even on shoestring budgets.

You’ll learn:

  • Methods for uncovering interesting stories that can quickly hook social media users who are flooded with content
  • How to organize your messages and communications strategies around a newsroom model
  • Steps for creating content that compels readers to act, boosting online traffic and loyalty
  • Ways to measure your success Ideas for offering alternative and interesting angles on current events and hot trends—and ways to distribute them across owned channels and social media platforms