Bootstrap Your Intranet: Cost-Efficient Commtech for Employee Connection

Intranets have often been overlooked or underutilized, trapped in a costly cycle of humdrum updates that are difficult to integrate into your existing tech stack — but this need not  be the norm. Join us to explore how you can transform your employee comms channels into engaging, dynamic hubs without the hefty price tag. We’ll cover:

  • Redesigning for impact: Budget friendly strategies to enhance user experience through powerful-yet-simple redesign principles.
  • Voice, vision, values: How to center your digital workspace content around your mission so it’s more shareable on platforms like SharePoint and Yammer.
  • People-first: Smart, low-cost ways to elevate your intranet content beyond transactions with short videos, authentic stories and engaging AMAs.
  • Data meets dialogue: How to harness data to create a more responsive digital environment via surveys and other feedback channels.
  • Tech stack use cases: How others are making the most out of Microsoft Office, Meta’s Workplace, Google Workspace and more.
  • David Bowman
    Product Director
  • Margarett Frisby
    Executive Director, Intranet Managing Editor and Internal Communications Director
    JPMorgan Chase & Co
  • Christine de la Huerta
    Director of Internal Communications, Marketing & Communications
    Baptist Health South Florida
  • Sean Devlin
    Ragan Communications