Beyond the Inbox: Elevating Email and Newsletters in Today’s Hybrid Workplace

Remote and deskless employees are the new norm — and surprisingly, emails and newsletters are becoming more than a traditional standby for reaching today’s hybrid workforce. They’re enjoying a renaissance — and are playing a resurgent role in fostering connectivity and disseminating information alongside tools like Slack, Teams, intranets and more. Join this session to see how these platforms are serving as lifelines and bridging gaps for every employee, regardless of location or work setup. You’ll learn:

  • Email innovations: The latest advancements in email technology, including AI-driven personalization, predictive content suggestions and interactive elements.
  • Newsletters revolutionized: Breakthroughs in email design and content structure for internal comms—from more visually appealing layouts to multimedia features.
  • Mix, match and integrate: How to integrate email and newsletters with digital apps and platforms like Slack and Teams to enhance real-time comms for hybrid teams.
  • Exemplary emails and newsletters: Creative ideas you can borrow — from attention-grabbing subject lines and compelling CTAs to employee spotlights, interactive quizzes, behind-the-scenes glimpses, embedded video and more.
  • Metrics and optimization: KPIs for emails and newsletters — and how to measure engagement, analyze feedback and drive improvements based on the data you pull.
  • Ron Maturo
    Head of Communications - Research