Beyond the DEI Acronym: Unite and Empower “Freedom Fighters” at Work

A dispersed workforce doesn’t have to be disconnected. In this session, you’ll learn how diverse teams foster better employee engagement and belonging and discover how DEI empowers employees to feel more supported and connected. You’ll hear:

  • DEI case study: How one organization brings DEI to life with DATA
    (Do good, Act as one team, Think customer first, Aspire and innovate)
  • How to articulate your DEI story and share it to connect ALL employees
  • How to align DEI and social impact strategies for greater results
  • How to tap ERG groups to boost awareness, allyship and action
  • The history of “freedom fighting” and how employees can break out of a post-WFH silo
  • How to recognize each other’s privilege to boost inclusivity, productivity and a deeper sense of purpose
  • How to give employees a playbook for owning their careers
  • Kristan Keene
    Senior Director of Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging
  • Tresa Chambers
    Director of Communications
    American Heart Association
  • Alexandria Butler
    Senior Program Manager, Data and Privacy