Beyond State of the Union: WH and Political Speechwriters on Public Speaking for Public Affairs

Join this panel for insights from decades of White House and government insiders—so your own spokesperson or public affairs rep can command the podium like a pro.

You’ll discover:

  • How to find your exec’s voice to achieve authenticity and earn trust
  • How to turn complex policy issues into digestible soundbites audiences love
  • Pivots plus people power: How the best leaders stick to their messages while connecting emotionally with audiences
  • Inaugural insights—lessons and takeaways from past presidential speeches
  • Mike Souder
    Speechwriter, Former Deputy Communications Director
    US House of Representatives
  • Katye Riselli
    Former First Lady Laura Bush
  • Stephen Krupin
    Senior speechwriter for former President Barack Obama
  • Desson Thomson
    Director, executive communications
    Motion Picture Association