Beyond Investor Relations: How to Tell Your ESG Story to Employees, Customers—and Media

A strong commitment to ESG matters isn’t just about publicly traded companies and the efforts of Investor Relations departments to fulfill complex reporting requirements. Your employees, customers and the news media want to know how well your organization is treating the planet, respecting its workers and practicing good citizenship. How well are you telling your ESG story? In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Move ESG front and center in your communications, rather than confine it to an annual report few people read
  • Dive into corporate data, disclosure documents and sustainability reports to find the best ESG stories
  • Connect audiences, including media, to your ESG story, in collaboration with Legal, IR and company leaders
  • How to avoid “greenwashing”—the practice of making your products seem more sustainable
  • Tom Corfman
    Senior Consultant, ESG Expert
    Ragan Consulting Group