Become ‘best of friends’ with your influencer marketing strategy

As consumers’ trust in organizations falter, partnerships and endorsements from content creators and other social media heavyweights can grab your audiences’ attention and sway both hearts and minds. It’s not enough to partner with any influencer and cross your fingers, however, Learn how to measure the true value of your influencer marketing campaigns, so you can scale them effectively to boost your bottom line. Bradley Hoos, chief growth officer for The Outloud Group, will share the agency’s more than decade of experience and drill down to the obstacles that keep communicators from successful influencer efforts, along with unpacking what it takes to execute successful influencer campaigns and introduce models and tools to help you do the same for your brand.

You’ll learn:

  • The major barriers to influencer marketing and best practices for success
  • How to most effectively work with an agency to execute influencer marketing strategy
  • How to understand and scale your organization’s influencer efforts
  • Predictions for the future of influencer measurement and what you can do to prepare
  • Bradley Hoos
    Chief growth officer
    The Outloud Group