Become a Better Data Scientist: How to Decipher KPIs and Transform Them into Golden Insights

It’s one thing to have a measurement matrix in place and powerful monitoring resources to pull essential KPIs. But that doesn’t mean you can make sense of all the data in your dashboard—or that you’re pulling the right metrics with the right tools. Join this session to learn how to better extract truly actionable insights like a true data scientist—so you can translate hard numbers into easy recommendations your execs will love. You’ll learn:

  • Unleashing your inner data scientist: How communications professionals can better apply data and analytics to their work
  • Using the AMEC Planning Tool to answer essential questions that will help you avoid “shiny object syndrome” and determine the right tech for your needs
  • Storytelling with data: Tips to analyze data and extract insights that tell a clear story about your results
  • Four key considerations to help take your communications technology (CommsTech) to the next level
  • Dashboard examples: Apps, interfaces and charts others are using in their measurement toolboxes