Beating Disinformation: A Media Resource Kit to Earn Trust in the Era of Subjective Truth

Another pending, divisive election will soon dominate the news cycle. But you’ve still got a job to do that includes news to share, announcements to make, content to post, initiatives to launch and stakeholders to inform. Join for smarter ways to get the word out in a fractured media landscape where even the press is pushing its POV. You’ll learn:

  • Big wins in the disinformation wars: What others are doing to combat disinformation
  • Your role in truth telling and fact sharing in the age of conspiracy and optional facts
  • The 8 Trust Indicators™—a resource kit to spot and handle questionable outlets
  • Insights from new studies about how media mistruths skew public opinion and how
    the press, public affairs and all communicators can help by focusing on solutions
  • How to use tools like the “Truth Sandwich” when the media calls—and your own content
  • Sally Lehrman
    The Trust Project