‘Be prepared’: Addressing COVID-19 and stopping misinformation’s spread

Unforeseen crises including the new coronavirus outbreak can quickly send you and your organization scrambling to address concerns and ensure both employees and external audiences have up-to-date information that increases trust. That becomes increasingly harder to accomplish as social media platforms speed up the news cycle and can quickly spread misinformation and fake news, further adding to sensationalized reporting along with viral images and videos. Join Rebeca Mueller, vice president of digital strategy for Porter Novelli, and Caitlin Angeloff, social strategy director for Providence St. Joseph Health, in a fireside discussion led by Mark Ragan, owner of Ragan Communications, as they discuss how to prepare and protect yourself in the social media age.

You’ll learn:

  • Ways to prepare for crises ahead of time and help deploy key members of your organization to support your efforts
  • How to effectively get information in front of your audience, dispelling myths and misinformation
  • Steps for using social media effectively within your crisis response (along with pitfalls to avoid)
  • Best practices for futureproofing your organization’s brand image

  • Rebeca Mueller
    Vice president of digital strategy
    Porter Novelli
  • Mark Ragan
    Ragan Communications
  • Caitlin Angeloff
    Social strategy director
    Providence St. Joseph Health