Be Flexible: Supporting Working Parents & Caregivers

You may have more caregivers in your workforce than you realize, as an estimated 47% of middle-aged Americans support family members over the age of 65 and children under 18. Taking on more responsibilities as an in-home care provider for children and/or adults often presents challenges to employees. Half of American caregivers feel their responsibilities have a negative impact on their health and career growth, but employers can help mitigate these effects. Discover ways to create flexible leave policies and work arrangements, provide financial support, and ensure your caregiver employees have the resources they need.

  • The top obstacles parents and caregivers face and how you can help lighten their load
  • Outsourcing specific tasks to AI tools so that automation and machine learning solutions can step in while your talent is on leave
  • How to develop successful transition plans as you prepare your caregiver employees and their teams for an extended leave
  • Developing a competitive parental leave policy that measures up the best benefits packages on offer in 2023 and beyond
  • Jocelyn Jackson
    Senior Organizational Development Consultant
    Houston Methodist Hospital