Be a Goldfish! What Ted Lasso Teaches Speechwriters and Public Affairs Pros About Empathy

Ted Lasso is the king of streaming because he’s just so damn positive! That’s the salve we all needed during the pandemic. But he also shows how much audiences want a sense of empathy and fun from leadership. Join for a riff on what execs can learn from Ted. You’ll hear:

  • Soundbite magic: Why Ted’s team speeches work best when they fail
  • What Ted’s “Be a Goldfish” quote teaches us about soft skills for execs
  • A tough row to HOE: Why the public want more Hope, Optimism and Empathy
    from leadership—and how to provide it
  • There’s no “I” in TEAM: How to look for and foster potential in others
  • Offense or defense? When to talk or not—and how much you should tell
  • Come ready to share with a favorite Ted Lasso quote
  • Lee B. Gordon
    VP of Corporate Communications, Public Affairs and Global Public Relations
    Brunswick Corporation