Awakening Emotion: How to Solicit, Secure and Share Empathetic Employee Stories

Amid reports that a quarter of employees will resign in 2022, communicators hoping to stave off The Big Quit can celebrate employees through empathetic, compassionate storytelling (in their own words). In this session, we’ll look at how authentic storytelling is not only a show of employee support but can become part of your overall brand narrative across all channels—be they internal or external.

We’ll discuss:

  • How to refine your brand messaging with quotes and testimonials that have employee buy-in and social sharing
  • Tips for cultivating internal channels that empower employees to share their stories, from your intranet to your ERGs
  • Ways to nurture employee ambassadors to become storytellers using their authentic voice while staying true to brand style
  • Message-specific considerations for the most effective time, channel and medium to share employee stories
  • Kevin Martinez
    VP, Corporate Citizenship