Authentic Storytelling: Story Hacks to Help You Connect, Captivate and Convert

Storytelling brings speeches to life and moves audiences by touching their hearts. Hear how to write more authentic, emotionally powerful speeches for your execs—so you can more successfully engage audiences on important issues that align with your purpose.

You’ll discover:

  • What execs can learn about unifying messages and storytelling structure from presidential speeches, inaugurations and even SOU addresses
  • Examples and insights for crafting honest, authentic executive communications
  • Three “StoryHacks” to get out of any executive communications jam—lessons from Oprah and the producers of “The Book of Mormon” Broadway hit, among others:
    • Hack #1:“And-But-Therefore”: Helps create content when  you’re stuck
    • Hack #2: “What, So What, Now What”: Create content faster when under pressure
    • Hack #3: “Once Upon a Time”: Create content when struggling with a pitch
  • Douglass Hatcher