Audio and Visual Storytelling Tips to Wow Your Audience Even During a Pandemic

Podcasts, videos and infographics are hotter than ever, and that means it’s never been more difficult to get yours to stand out. To break through the noise, you need to tell a captivating narrative through audio and visuals. Discover how two major organizations found the right stories, used cost-effective tools to translate them into authentic, engaging content, and carefully tracked the outcomes of their efforts.

You’ll learn:

  • When a story is a good fit for a podcast—and when it’s better suited for another medium
  • How to draw out a good story when interviewing subjects
  • Easy editing techniques that add emotion and authenticity to your videos
  • How to get your videos, podcasts and infographics in front of wider audiences online
  • Data visualization tools and techniques that make it easy to create attention-grabbing infographics
  • Easy tools you can use to shoot and edit content without breaking the bank
  • Ways to repackage and repurpose audio and video content to get the most reach
  • Gregg Castano
    Founder and CEO
    News Direct
  • Mike Delgado
Director of social media

    Experian North America

  • Heather Hummelsheim
    Director, Americas executive communications
    Marriott International
  • Alfonso Quiroz
    Con Edison
  • Sidney Alvarez
    Media relations manager
    Con Edison