Artificial Influence: Harnessing AI for Premium Media Placements

AI is transforming PR, making tasks like writing press releases, creating crisis strategies and drafting pitches more efficient. But AI isn’t just a magic tool — it also has a dark side. A single misstep can damage the trust you’ve built with the media.  Together, we’ll navigate the magical and murky sides of AI — and unveil the “AI Decision Matrix” to help you deploy AI while avoiding its pitfalls. Join us to finally harness AI to boost, not damage, your media relationships.

You’ll discover:

  • How to use the “AI Decision Matrix” for more effective, targeted media outreach.
  • AI tools for media relations: Using AI to craft press releases, build crisis strategies and draft media pitches.
  • Practical strategies to avoid AI-driven missteps that can damage media relationships.
  • How to avoid AI’s potential to mislead and fake authenticity in PR communications.
  • Live experiences showcasing AI’s capabilities and pitfalls in a real-world PR context.
  • Andrew Davis
    Keynoter and Author