Amplifying Comms with AI: Insider Strategies, Shortcuts and Secrets of Success

While marketing and external comms may have a handle on AI, the benefits and best practices for workplace comms are less clear-cut. Not anymore! This exclusive, enlightening keynote will offer insights into Microsoft’s behind-the-scenes experiences — detailing how its internal comms teams have been adopting and adapting to AI in their day-to-day work. You’ll hear:

  • Storytelling: How to ideate and create compelling narratives with AI.
  • Meeting prep: How AI can help prep your execs, SMEs and employees for meetings, townhalls and even media engagements.
  • Team synergy: How Microsoft leverages AI to drive innovation and enhance collaboration with its comms teams — so you can do the same.
  • Measurement: How to set measurable goals, track performance and effectively communicate the value of your employee and executive comms using AI.
  • Bonus: Fun, fantastic ways to tap into AI for image generation (think data viz, infographic and illustrations for blog posts, internal branding, emails and more).
  • Steve Clayton
    Vice President, Communications Strategy