Amplify and Engage: Crafting and Delivering Internal Communications That Resonate

Let’s face it, employees don’t have to consume most internal communications to do their job. Would it benefit both employees and the company if everyone was plugged into the business and culture? Of course. Is it mandatory? Not necessarily. This realization means the ability to create captivating and engagement-worthy content is a critical skill for today’s communicators competing for employee attention.

Join us for this webinar, in which Snowflake’s Sr. Employee Communications Manager Aubriana Muna will share how to create multi-channel content that generates a fanbase (you read that right — fans) and stands out in a world of push notifications and congested inboxes. Learn how to create unforgettable communications experiences to keep your content from getting left out in the cold, i.e., left on read — or worse, unread — in this webinar. Muna will share top strategies to:

  • Find your 20/20 and create a vision: Don’t have one? You’ll need one.
  • Lay it on them: How to generate executive sponsorship — whether they like it or not — to make your vision a reality. (Skip this step at your peril!)
  • Mix business and pleasure: Integrate engaging, culture-building content with more fun, but no less important business content to give your vision strategic impact.
  • Maximize your reach: How technology can help you deliver consistent and compelling messages that employees across cultures and geographies want to engage with.
  • And much more.
  • Aubriana Muna
    Senior Employee Communications Manager