AI Certificate Course – Week 3: Measurement and Next Steps

Making It Real: Next Steps for Ensuring AI Impact and ROI on Content

Just because you can now quickly produce AI-enabled copy and images doesn’t mean you’re truly advancing your career, results and reputation as a strategic communicator. This session outlines how to successfully measure the impact of your AI content—while putting systems in place to ensure your AI usage is sustainable, strategic and safe. You’ll learn:

  • Measurement deep dive: How to monitor the effectiveness of your AI efforts, including:
    • A list of the best AI analytics tools for communicators.
    • How to measure gen AI’s impact on content and adjust accordingly.
    • How to measure AI’s impact on content teams (examples and insights into gathering metrics like increased productivity, job satisfaction and more).
  • Making AI real: How to create an internal AI committee or council—plus how to draft AI policies and guidelines for your team that can address challenges and risks, including:
    • Navigating AI copyright, bias, misinformation, legal and security issues—and how to include these protections in your AI policies.
  • Managing up: How to ensure leadership buy-in for your AI efforts (and budget) by creating a small, manageable pilot program to showcase benefits and wins.
  • Ideas to borrow: Proven examples and use cases to build out in your own organization.
  • What’s next: A recap of top AI opps and threats like bias and deep fakes—plus what you must know about AI integration and DEI.
  • Jennifer Clemente
    Manager of Communications
    D-Wave Quantum
  • Chris Gee
    Head of Digital, U.S. Corporate Affairs & Advisory Services
  • Andrew Bolton
    SVP, Chief Customer Officer