AI Certificate Course for Communicators – Week 3

Just because you can pump out AI copy and images doesn’t mean you’re truly advancing your career, results and reputation as a strategic communicator. This session outlines how to apply what you’ve learned to elevate your strategic storytelling and measurement chops — so they align with leadership’s expectations to drive audiences and business results. You’ll learn:

  • Strategy vs tactics: Best ways to use your AI skills as the building blocks of strategy.
  • Creative differentiators: How to avoid generic messaging and elevate your output with customization and creativity — in a market where everybody else is also using AI.
  • Storytelling strategy: How to balance authenticity with automation when crafting brand stories — including what you must know about human psychology that AI doesn’t.
  • Measurement: How AI can improve comms measurement — including how to interpret AI insights, validate results and use them to inform data-driven decision making. (We’ll share how to pull data and scraped social media comments into ChatGPT to generate trend analysis.)
  • An attorney speaks out (guest fireside): Navigating AI copyright, bias, misinformation, legal and security issues — and how to codify a generative AI policy for your organization.
  • Nova Lorraine
    Author, Web 3 Strategist and Founder
    Raine Magazine, AI for Creatives Podcast
  • Jeff MacDonald
    Social Strategy Director
  • Olubukola (Buki) Ogunsakin
    Emerging Tech Lawyer, Principal
    BBO Solicitors