AI Certificate Course for Communicators – Week 2

Prompts and Pixels: Crafting Authentic Visuals with AI Art Generation

Now that you have the basics of prompts and AI tools like ChatGPT down, let’s translate your new skills to the exciting prospect of image generation. Discover how to quickly create eye-catching images for infographics, websites, intranets, ad banners, reports and more so you can enhance your brand and captivate audiences. You’ll learn:

  • Top AI imaging tools: DALL-E2, Midjourney, Artssy, Stable Diffusion and more.
  • The authenticity dilemma: How to balance the “authenticity” mandated by the rise of TikTok and platforms like BeReal with the “automation” of AI image generators.
  • Advanced prompt engineering: Formulas and prompt cheats you can use to elevate what you learned in Week 1 to generate realistic, brand-worthy images.
  • Producing visual content at scale: Examples of brand guidelines, mood boards, social media posts and ads, infographics, website banners and videos created with AI imaging.
  • Tertiary AI tools: AI applications in existing marketing platforms that have user-ready capabilities — including BeautifulAI for presentations and others.

Light Homework:

  • Create a fun brand mashup or collab using your logo or corporate iconography in Stable Diffusion.
  • Nova Lorraine
    Author, Web 3 Strategist and Founder
    Raine Magazine, AI for Creatives Podcast
  • Molly Lopez
    Partner and Owner
    HITE Digital, Miami