AI Certificate Course for Communicators & Marketers – Week 3

AI + Human Fusion: Measuring Success and Navigating Legal Considerations

In the final module of this course, we’ll explore the sticking points every communicator encounters: tracking the performance of AI-generated campaigns and avoiding any legal pitfalls. You’ll gain insights into leveraging AI for communication measurement and data-driven decision-making, while also addressing challenges and risks such as copyright, bias, misinformation and legal issues, to establish a generative AI policy for your organization. Find out how to navigate:

  • Getting results: Strategically incorporating AI in your communication efforts to improve outcomes and stand out amid the noise, reach customers and leveraging insights to measure those results and make data-driven decisions.
  • Avoiding pitfalls: Navigating potential challenges and risks related to AI, including copyright, bias, misinformation, legal and security issues and audience backlash.
  • Success from the outset: Formulating a comprehensive generative AI policy to ensure ethical and compliant AI usage within your organization.
  • Do’s and don’ts: Ethical considerations in using AI for content generation and maintaining a human touch in marketing.
  • Gauging performance: Measuring the effectiveness of AI-generated content and iterating for continuous improvement.

Join us in this insightful session to elevate your strategic storytelling and communication prowess, while also navigating the legal considerations and challenges that come with embracing AI in your professional journey.


Stephanie Nivinskus’s Slides

  • Stephanie Nivinskus
    SizzleForce Marketing
  • Olubukola (Buki) Ogunsakin
    Emerging Tech Lawyer, Principal
    BBO Solicitors