AI Certificate Course for Communicators & Marketers – Week 2

The Art of the Prompt: How to Generate Tailored, Top-Notch Writing and Imagery

In this hands-on workshop designed for communicators and marketers, attendees will explore the transformative power of AI in crafting compelling, high-performance marketing messages and content. The session will delve deep into the practical side of AI-powered writing and image generation tools, equipping participants with the skills to create persuasive copy and eye-catching assets that resonate with their target audience, enhance brand storytelling and incite audiences to take action. Participants will learn:

  • Endless possibilities: The many applications of AI-powered content in marketing communications.
  • Practical tactics: Leveraging AI-driven writing tools such as Bard and ChatGPT and image-generation tools to generate engaging marketing copy, social media posts, email campaigns and website content that captivates and retains customers and drives clicks and purchases.
  • Visualization magic: How AI tools such as Dall-E can help you generate images that you can use in your marketing and communications.
  • Honing your craft: Optimizing writing with AI to generate ideas, refine content and streamline the writing workflow for high-quality copy.
  • Unlocking originality: Infusing creativity and customization into your AI-powered output to craft brand marketing stories that resonate and account for essential aspects of human psychology that AI may miss.
  • Refining for authenticity: Tailoring AI-generated content and graphics to match brand tone, style and personality for consistent messaging and audience engagement.


  • Stephanie Nivinskus
    SizzleForce Marketing
  • Richard Harbridge
    CTO and owner