Advancing Communication, Collaboration and Productivity when you’re at a Crossroads

Brenda Luterbach, technology communications manager at AbbVie, shares insights and challenges that her organization faces as technology continues to rapidly advance but the company’s fairly new intranet is heavily customized. With mobile demand growing and a somewhat recent and large investment in their company home page, what’s the team to do?

Key Highlights:

  • Gorgeous customization might provide exceptional user experience—but at what cost? Many solutions limit customization and with good reason. Think simple, intuitive design and lean on out of the box functionality to ensure your intranet will be able to upgrade with minimal disruption and cost.
  • Why ‘mobile-first’ must be the focus of your next portal iteration if it isn’t already
  • Make enterprise-Search the heart and soul to any true intranet to assist with knowledge management and findability and navigation doesn’t have to be as customized
  • The value and importance of built-in, truly cross-functional and enterprise-wide buy-in and governance and with any massive portal redesign to ensure longevity, consistency and engagement
  • Incorporate your company’s external internet content into your news strategy to build company ambassadors
  • Brenda Luterbach
    Technology and communications manager