Advanced Writing Certificate Course – Week 2

The Art and Science of Crafting More Convincing, Creative and Inclusive Copy

This session tackles the ongoing challenge you face in writing copy that not only authentically represents diverse perspectives and fosters inclusivity but also ensures effective communication and connection with a wide range of audiences. We’ll delve into tactics for crafting content that captivates readers, equipping you with the skills to apply these techniques to various common communication documents.

You’ll learn:

  • The Power of Inclusive Storytelling: Explore how inclusive storytelling enhances the effectiveness of communication and connects with diverse audiences on a deeper level.
  • How to Craft Authentic and Inclusive Narratives: Learn techniques to represent diverse perspectives, experiences, and cultures in your storytelling, which fosters inclusivity and resonates with a wide range of readers.
  • Captivate Readers through Creative Writing: Discover creative writing techniques that captivate and engage readers, allowing your content to leave a lasting impact and create meaningful connections.
  • Monitor Language and Tone for Inclusivity: Explore the use of inclusive language, tone, and messaging to create a welcoming and inclusive environment within your written communication.
  • Applying Inclusive Techniques to Common Communication Documents: Gain practical skills in applying inclusive storytelling techniques to various communication documents.
  • Heather Martin
    Teaching Professor of Writing
    University of Denver
  • Samantha Rideout
    Marketing Director
    Pharmaceutical Strategies Group
  • Vanessa Charles

    Manager of Internal Communications

    Boston Scientific