Activating your employee channels to prevent internal crises

Employee communications have rapidly evolved, implementing internal messaging tools and intranets to gauge employee mental health, understand the propensity for burnout and support employee wellbeing. As those remain top concerns for leadership in a remote-first workforce, communicators must also make use of these channels to monitor employee sentiment and combat an emerging wellness crisis that threatens employers hoping to retain top talent, protect their reputation as a good place to work, preserve their culture and much more. In this session, you’ll learn:

  • The most common employee wellness concerns that can cause lasting reputational damage, if unaddressed
  • Tips for conducting periodic wellness surveys and outreach to ensure every employee is heard
  • Ways to distill employee wellness feedback and concerns into actionable takeaways and action steps for leadership
  • What internal crowdsourcing tools and tactics work best for communicating with a remote-first workforce
  • Matt Fields
    Head of Corporate Communications, US Consumer Bank
  • Brandi Boatner
    Social and influencer communications lead for global markets