Achieve the social media ‘circle of life’ with a solid and holistic strategy

Social media best practices and platform algorithms are constantly changing, but the foundation of your digital presence and core of your social media campaigns should be rooted in a strategy that helps you achieve your organization’s goals and boost the bottom line. Kevin Saghy, senior director of social media at The Ohio State University, will share how he and his team have implemented a new strategy that has them on a “worst to first” trajectory on social media—and how you can directly tie your online efforts to the goals that can drive your organization forward.

You’ll learn:

  • Tips for auditing where your organization’s online efforts are within your industry and peer set
  • Ways to get leadership buy-in to establish a strategy that can help you move forward
  • How you can affect change at a high level and get colleagues involved in your campaigns
  • Secrets for establishing a strategy that ties to the bottom line and aligns with your brand voice—while also attracting attention and interaction
  • Kevin Saghy
    Senior director of social media
    The Ohio State University