A Futurist’s Guide to Tomorrow’s Communications Landscape: Tech Trends, AI and Creative Frontiers

Change in the workplace is rapidly accelerating as we navigate new global dynamics and tech innovations. Sam Jordan — futurist, proponent of “plausible optimism,” and consultant at The Future Today Institute, a foresight and strategy firm founded by Amy Webb — will take the stage to delve into the compelling shifts on the horizon and what positive opportunities they hold. In her keynote address, Jordan will unravel the complex tapestry of emerging technologies, demonstrating their potential to transform industries, societies, and workplaces. She will share the signals she is tracking today that will empower you to:

  • Adopt strategies for the communicator of tomorrow: Learn how to navigate uncharted waters of emerging tech, adapt to rapid change, and position your organization at the forefront of innovation.
  • Harness tech trends redefining communications: Discover cutting-edge technological shifts that communications professionals must leverage, from AI-driven insights to immersive experiences, and explore the tools that will reshape audience engagement and communication strategies.
  • Understand AI’s revolutionary impact on the workplace: Grasp how automation, data-driven insights, and collaborative AI will streamline operations, unlock new paradigms of teamwork, productivity and creativity, and fuel a bright future.
  • Samantha Jordan
    The Future Today Institute