A Different Look at Social Listening: Kaiser Permanente’s center for social intelligence

Kaiser Permanente has used social media since 2007 to interact with consumers and its 10 million members. But recently, KP radically changed how it listens to and converses on social media. The Kaiser Permanente Center for Social Intelligence, launched in March, is a flexible platform that finds, analyzes and delivers actionable social insights to the organization. It aids everything from social marketing and public relations to member services and consumer awareness. Vince Golla, Kaiser Permanente’s director of social media, will talk about the Center for Social Intelligence and what Kaiser Permanente expects to accomplish.

Key Takeaways:

  • How social listening boosts employee understanding of social media, and sparks employee brand advocacy
  • How Kaiser Permanente incorporated real-time social listening into its daily and weekly content-planning meetings
  • How to get execs’ support—or manage their expectations—for a social listening center
  • How Kaiser Permanente centered its social listening on insights that help KP improve care, quality, and service
  • Vince Golla
    Director of Social Media
    Kaiser Permanente