A Crash Course in Using Yammer to Virtually Launch a Company Brand in the Middle of a Pandemic

Nimbly adapting your communications approach for a virtual environment is challenging enough… now try launching a new company brand on top of that. Not hard enough? How about without any budget for internal communications.  Listen in as Allie Zahn, Senior Internal Communications Manager for NI, shares how the company’s global internal communications team leveraged Yammer to effectively engage employees before, during, and after their new company brand launch and increased Yammer adoption by ~50% across the organization.You’ll learn:

  • how to make Yammer a valuable addition to your communications arsenal
  • to create a strategic plan including creative ways to launch including user generated content, campaigns, contests, all with a zero-dollar budget
  • keys to success, including engagement tactics and measuring the things that mattered
  • Allie Zahn
    Senior Internal Communications Manager
    NI (National Instruments)