8 Tips to Guarantee your Mobile Communication Matters

Your organization has a critical message that needs to be read immediately by a group of employees. You were just informed by HR that next week there will be an important update that will affect the payroll for every single employee. AND on top of all that, the CEO is looking for a way to have a more two-way conversational dialogue to get valuable input from front-line leaders and workers.

How can you communicate so that your messages matter to employees, where ‘matters’ means employees actually read, remember, and respond when necessary.

In this session, you’ll see evidence from data-driven, mobile-messaging use that will answer these crucial questions:

  • How do photos and videos affect the memorability of a mobile message?
  • Should organizational news come from ‘the brand’ or a human?’
  • What types of mobile messages are most readable?
  • Should organizational news come to employees on the same mobile channel as operational and HR communication?
  • What length should a mobile message be to get the highest read rate?
  • Are document attachments a good or bad idea for mobile?
  • Patrick Goodman
    Chief Product Officer