8 Hacks to Increase Brand Engagement With Video

Did you know that videos have 135% more audience reach than other static formats? Whether you’re trying to increase customer or employee brand engagement — videos offer you the ability to share your message in a way that truly resonates with your audience. But with the increase in video use by most brands, how can you make sure your videos stand out, engage, and convert?

Join PlayPlay’s video expert, Kina de Cordoba in this strategic session to discover:

  • The strategic value of video-first communications for marketing, communication experts, and corporate brand departments.
  • Our 8 simple video-creation steps and hacks to help you leverage the power of video to meet your communication goals.
  • How to use tools like PlayPlay in-house to create professional videos in minutes with your team.”
  • Kina De Cordoba
    Video Content Expert