7 Ways to Make Sure You’re Relevant Five Years from Now

The job of the corporate communicator is changing … and if you don’t change with it, you risk becoming irrelevant. As social media and other forces chip away at the traditional role of the communicator as publisher, organizations take a harder look at what they’re getting from their communications department … and whether or not they need them at all. That’s why senior communicators, communications managers and directors need to know what organizational needs their people will be asked to fill five years down the road.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why the old job descriptions for corporate communicators just don’t make sense any more
  • What skills and talents you need to develop now to be a force in your organization five years from now
  • Seven crucial communication roles that will be in demand in the future, no matter what organization you work in
  • How your new job will make people in the organization want to get a seat at the table in your department … rather than the other way around
  • The tools, tactics, talents, and tricks you must master to succeed in the changing communication environment
  • The skills that will always be in demand, no matter how much things change … and how you can blend those old skills with the ones you’ll need tomorrow
  • Steve Crescenzo
    Crescenzo Communications