5 Habits of Successful Content Marketers: Craft Copy that Captivates and Converts

What do successful content marketers know that others don’t? What are their secrets of crafting copy that captivates and converts? Answer: They harness data to pinpoint hot buttons and compel interest—whether via blog posts, whitepapers or even e-books. Join to hear how to plan and pen campaigns that attract, engage and retain audiences. You’ll learn:

  • Habit 1: Start with numbers—assigning your copy a business goal
  • Habit 2: Don’t go it alone—building an integrated content team
  • Habit 3: Develop stories in five stages—from brainstorming to deadline
  • Habit 4: Supercharge SEO—quick optimization tips for creatives
  • Habit 5: Audit, assess and rewrite content continually
  • Matthew Royse
    Marketing Director