3Ts of Thought Leadership Success: Build Loyalty on LinkedIn, Twitter and Podcasts

Winning thought leadership starts with setting your execs and SMEs up for success by discovering their strengths—and their stories. When done right, it builds trust and loyalty — because it comes from a place of purpose and passion instead of promotion. Learn how one global organization turns its thought leadership program into storytelling machine using timeless principles and the latest platforms. You’ll learn:

  • The 3 T’s of thought leadership: How truth-telling, transparency and testing can help guide your efforts
  • Strategies to ID the best execs, managers and SMEs as thought leaders
  • Managing exec’s expectations based on their personalities and passions
  • Audience-centric strategies: How to produce helpful, hot button thought leadership content and stories audiences will love
  • Choosing channels: Tips to publish your content on the right formats and topics on:
    • LinkedIn — because that’s where the recruits are
    • Twitter  — because that’s where the press is
    • Podcasts — because that’s where authority meets the audio boom (tips for producing your own podcasts—and for handling podcast queries for your execs)
  • Kristy Nicholas
    Senior Director, Executive, Financial and Brand Communications