Writing Mini-Clinic: Craft Inclusive Copy that Breaks Through to All Stakeholders

It’s never been more critical that your words convey your message clearly and concisely— even seemingly small copy choices could derail your efforts to keep morale high, recruit diverse employees or rally your workforce in a time of crisis. During this session, we’ll take a look at examples of writing that had an impact on employees and simple ways to make your language more inclusive.

Learn how to:

  • More effectively edit your writing for clarity and consistency of tone
  • Be concise when crafting messaging during a crisis to avoid costly miscommunications
  • Use compelling storytelling to reinforce your culture, boost morale and influence behavior
  • Be mindful of offensive or non-inclusive phrases and terms that can sneak into your writing
  • Nikki Hopewell (she/her)
    Senior Communications Strategist for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    Rush University System for Health