Writing for Engagement: How to Keep it Short and Impactful

Keep it short! How many times have you heard that advice? Is “short” really the best way to engage your audiences? Oftentimes it is. But the truth is that boring content comes in all shapes and sizes. And short can still be boring. It just means the pain ends sooner. 

Still, some communicators are writing long, elaborate narratives for their audiences. So, where’s the sweet spot? How long should your stories be?  Check out this Ragan Webinar that will help you craft your written communication for a wide array of stakeholders.

Jim Ylisela, an award-winning writer and editor, and some of the best corporate editors have been getting that question for years, and their answer is just as unsatisfying now as it was 20 years ago: Your story should be as long as it should be. Not a word longer.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Make every word count. Get rid of those you don’t need.
  • Ask the right questions…to get the needed information…to share succinctly.
  • Perk up content that is inherently boring. Hello, benefits and technical writing!
  • Use the best engagement tool for writers that isn’t about words. It’s about pictures.
  • Craft better headlines, subject lines, captions and subheads.
  • Find something distinctive. Use a word, a phrase or a paragraph that will captivate your readers.
  • Replace all verbs. OK, maybe not all of them, but ditch the corporate ones.
  • Use the 10% rule. Learn to be a good editor of your own copy.

Plus, you’ll learn the secrets to tailoring your content to various audiences and situations, whether it’s an executive memo, an email to employees, an article for your website, a public response to a crisis or a photo essay for social media.

  • Jim Ylisela
    Co-Founder and Senior Partner
    Ragan Consulting Group
  • Amanda Jorgensen
    Strategic Program Manager
    Ragan Communications
  • Anthony Farina
    Chief Communications Officer
    CSL Behring
  • Bob Kerlik
    Executive Editor, Blue Sky News
    Pittsburgh International Airport
  • Zarina Banu
    Head of Corporate Communications