Win Hearts and Minds: How to Hook Audiences with Brand Storytelling Techniques

Storytelling may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the Federal Reserve System. But the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, one of 12 Reserve Banks across the country, has a robust storytelling culture to make “humdrum” topics come alive and move the hearts and minds of the real people it serves. Join to hear how writing and storytelling works at the Cleveland Fed. You’ll learn:

  • The magic of “make it human” and “make it matter”—how to transform your copywriting mindset from writing words to “engineering experiences”
  • Storytelling tricks and techniques every communicator can use:
    • Finding good stories with thoughtful questions during interviews
    • Extracting sensory details and weaving them into copy
    • Breaking chronological order and traditional sequencing
    • Finding and incorporating “conflict” into any corporate story or project
  • Plot diagrams for communicators: “Origin Story” and “Data+People+Emotion” story templates—and how to emulate them in your work
  • Michelle Volpe-Kohler
    Senior Writer
    Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland