What’s Now and Next for Media Relations: How Communicators Can Take Up the Charge in 2021 and Beyond

Communicators across roles and organizations are stepping into the spotlight as they respond to historic crises and build relationships with audiences through transparent, trust-boosting and business-minded strategies and content. Through the lens of a legacy brand through its more than 140 years covering newspapers to digital-first and integrated broadcast offerings, Kari Wethington, Senior Director of External Communications for The E.W. Scripps Company, will share an outlook for the communications industry, including how organizations and PR pros must shift to match rapidly changing behaviors along with what’s next on the horizon.

You’ll learn:

  • Challenges such as branding, noisy digital media landscapes and fake news that face communicators—along with ways to meet them head-on
  • Growing trends in media relations and PR that you should incorporate into your strategies, including “mixternal” communications and storytelling
  • Skills and focuses to embrace in the year ahead that can protect your brand’s reputation and set you up for success
  • Kari Wethington
    Executive Communications Director
    Procter & Gamble