What’s Next for Social Media: How to tell your brand story in the age of chatbot

Walt Disney created a new way to tell stories and bring them to life. Hear why storytelling today is more crucial than ever, especially as AI, voice recognition and chatbots redefine how we engage audiences. You’ll learn how to apply Disney’s lessons and new digital breakthroughs to breathe life into your own brand engagement, storytelling and social media efforts. You’ll leave inspired to break new ground on any platform without relying on social media “gurus.”

Key Highlights:

  • The storyteller’s guidebook: Crucial differences between Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat as storytelling platforms
  • How to determine which platform is best for your business
  • Why short-form video is the preferred content for today’s online consumer
  • Tips and strategies for creating content that converts
  • How to engage and work with influential thinkers
  • Growth strategies for your story—with measurable ROI
  • What’s next: Chatbots and AI versus social storytelling
  • Carlos Gil
    Bestselling Author, "The End of Marketing"; Social Media Consultant
    Ragan Consulting Group