What’s Next: Exploring AI and Web 3 Synergies for Public Relations

More than 5 billion people worldwide are already actively engaging with AI and Web 3. Join this primer so you don’t fall behind — and discover how to quickly move your brand story, messaging and career forward by harnessing the latest in today’s exciting new tech.

You’ll discover how these powerful tools can help with:

  • Creating more targeted, personalized messaging to engage PR audiences.
  • Streamlining content creation (AI generated images, posts and more).
  • Optimizing content creation and distribution across various platforms.
  • Parsing huge amounts of data to identify trends, sentiment and other insights that can inform and even radically reshape your PR strategies.
  • Nova Lorraine
    Author, Web 3 Strategist and Founder
    Raine Magazine, AI for Creatives Podcast
  • Philip Ballard
    Chief Communications Officer and Head of Investor Relations