Visual Storytelling and Design for Social Media

With your social media strategy in a constant state of evolution, designing and refining your own image and video assets is a constant strain. In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore the tools, strategies and software for social design that can help every marketer and communicator — even those without large teams – improve their visual and video storytelling appeal and impact so it rivals those of big brands. You’ll learn:

  • Which images, photos and videos perform best across multiple social channels.
  • How color theory, fonts and other design considerations can give images and videos the right context and impact.
  • A step-by-step guide for creating infographics and other social-ready designs.
  • What you must know about low-cost design tools like Canva
  • Video toolkit: Quick tech recs and shooting tips for getting the most out of your equipment.
  • On-camera design and branding considerations to make yourself or your spokespeople stand out.
  • The TikTok effect: Adding fun, filters and flair to your videos—no matter what channel.
  • Chaka Cumberbatch
    US Social Lead
    Google Pixel
  • Tim Stergiou-Allen
    Global Social Media Manager