Your Company Has Amazing Stories to Tell: Uncover, capture and share them

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In this opening keynote, renowned photographer George Lange will teach you how to see your organization from a different perspective. You will learn how to capture and share authentic stories about your company and leaders in both photographs and video. Walk away inspired to engage in a new form of social storytelling that will positively reframe your brand and captivate all your audiences.

February 2017

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George Lange is a renowned photographer, director and author of The Unforgettable Photograph. As a photographer, he has taken the only known posed portrait of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, the ads for many films and television shows from Seinfeld to Honey Boo Boo, and many branding campaigns from Cardinal Health to IBM. As a director, he creates short format videos that get to the heart of his client’s story, whether a small startup or large global enterprise. He brings his talent as a storyteller to everything he does and is passionate about the idea that we are all connected. His work can be seen at and on Instagram @george.lange