Your best defense: Get employees to read critical information long before a crisis arrives

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Check out the pictures. A nuclear power station nearly swamped, surrounded by temporary berms to hold back the rising water.

Japan, right?

No, it’s the Omaha Public Power District’s Fort Calhoun Station, fighting to hold off the flood on the Missouri river in 2011.

How do you communicate about that? And can your employees be part of crisis communications—or are they a second thought in an emergency?

Join OPPD’s Paula Lukowski in a session that’s a must-see for any company, agency, health care organization or other entity that might find itself in a media whirlwind after a disaster. You'll learn how to:

  • Create targeted campaigns to reach all employee groups
  • Tap into experts at your organization to create messages that resonate with employees
  • Humanize your content to maximize your effort
  • Use different channels to communicate difficult content
  • Ensure transparency during a crisis with constant communication

Dozens of emails a day. Hundreds a week. Thousands a year. You send your employees important and valuable information but is it getting lost in the clutter? Getting the message out is easy, but getting people to read it—that's the difficult part.

Learn how Omaha Public Power District keeps its employees in the know… and wanting more, by creating must-read content. A 500-year flood tested the utility’s internal communication strategy. Hear how it stayed afloat with $3 billion in assets on the line.

Find out how the flood thrust OPPD into the international spotlight, and what its communicators learned about the benefit of having seat at table when the bigwigs gather. Lukowski covers the value of mastering daily skills, both in journalism basics and PR.

Are you planning for crisis communications, or just waiting for the dam to burst? Don’t know where to begin? Learn how to start planning—and drilling your staff.

Lukowski details how OPPD worked out a basic game plan, and why you should know your company’s mission and vision. Find ways to explain the business and industry issues, both with the big picture and snapshots.

Learn to create targeted campaigns, tapping into experts and humanizing content. Use different channels, and ensure transparency.

Discover the power of assigning daily beats, as in a newsroom, for your staff, and hear about OPPD’s Flood Update, emailed via PDF, with print copies for public meetings and web links. She also shows how the utility pushed the positive news about recovery progress.

Glean tips on spreading the word through your Internet homepage, and brainstorm based on Lukowski’s ideas about video updates for internal and external audiences.

It’s not just about 500-year floods. Find out how OPPD handled the extraordinarily popular/unpopular (depending on your point of view) decision to create a smoke-free workplace.

Don’t wait for disaster to swamp your organization. Start planning now with Lukowski’s help.

April 2013

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Paula Lukowski oversees internal and external communications and media relations for Omaha Public Power District.