Write Strategically, Fight Strategically: How to devise, draft, and defend messages that matter

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As speechwriters, we spend a lot of time—and ink—helping our companies (or clients) find the right words to tell their stories. But the reality is that writing is only part of the job. The best speechwriters are also shrewd strategists, meticulous event planners, skilled managers, and masters of the organizational challenges that stand between first draft and final delivery.

Key Highlights:

  • Identify strategic objectives—and clarify successful outcomes before ever setting pen to paper
  • Write smarter, not harder—asking productive questions and imbuing your prose with purpose
  • Be tactical—in your management of both people and process, defending the draft and ensuring that your speech survives the vetting process
  • Deliver—the message your audience needs to hear, the results your organization expects, and the response your speaker deserves
March 2017

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Riley Roberts is a seasoned speechwriter, communications strategist, and adviser to high-profile clients speaking out on the world's biggest stages. A principal at West Wing Writers, Riley previously served as chief speechwriter to Attorney General Eric Holder. During his four years in the Obama Administration, he helped to shape the Justice Department's communications strategy, responding to crises and directing efforts to reach audiences across the globe.