Working together to overcome internal communications challenges

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What You’ll Learn:: 

Effective employee communications and engagement efforts require support and insights from stakeholders across your organization, which means breaking down silos and working together to ensure that employees’ needs and behaviors are kept in mind, business goals are answered by communications efforts that make the most sense, and both campaigns and messages are regularly evaluated to ensure that results do more than clutter employees’ inboxes and annoy them instead of informing and inspiring them. In this panel of experts, you’ll get an opportunity to ask questions and find insights to answer the challenges you grapple with most.

You’ll learn:

  • Ways to best measure messages and campaigns to prove what works—and what doesn’t
  • Secrets for uncovering solutions for common pain points, no matter your department or focus
  • How to work together with leaders throughout your organization and unify your communications
  • Tips for setting yourself up as an employee communications expert whom others seek out for advice
October 2019

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Presenter bio: 

Susie Kandzor

Kelly Hipchen

Amy Kot

Jessica Arnold

Jake Jacobson