Why a Culture of Trust Comes First, Wide Adoption of Social Technology Later

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Once upon a time, Marisa Stoltzfus’ had a great idea about how to bolster openness, transparency, trust, collaboration and conversation at the health care organization where she was employed Her leaders decided they had different priorities amid the turmoil of an industry in transition. Disappointed, she took a job as consultant at Great Place to Work, where she has learned one major lesson. To be social, an organization must decide that it wants the risk, the discomfort, the awkwardness, the expense that accompanies a profound behavioral transformation. In other words, trust first, social business second. Culture can boost the bottom line. Find out how.

Key Takeaways:

  • The 4 huge benefits to a company that transforms itself into a social business
  • Why over half of CEOs plan to use social technology to partner with outside companies
  • Companies that go social can raise productivity in knowledge workers by 20-25 percent
  • 53 percent of senior managers believe that businesses will not survive unless they embrace social
  • The 5 big positive effects of social tools on employee morale
November 2014

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Marisa Stoltzfus

Marisa Stoltzfus joined Great Place to Work in 2011 as a consultant supporting the analysis and delivery of consulting and training services.