When there is only one of you: Six low-energy, high-return tactics to improve communication with SharePoint

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Can you harness the power of failed searches on SharePoint? Betsy Guthrie did.

On the search results page, she had a question added: “Did you find what you wanted? If not, click here and please tell us.”

The link took people to a page where they could fill out a form and add key words, providing them with a chance to improve their search results.

In a session packed with such practical tips, Guthrie offers ways to boost SharePoint success and engagement for your staff. Learn how to:

  • Create a SharePoint user community spanning several continents
  • Identify and publicize the SharePoint evangelists within your company
  • Get SharePoint questions out of email and into a searchable, dynamic knowledge base of FAQs that models discussion boards
  • Build, maintain, and market a self-help SharePoint Resource site that models  how to centralize communications on SharePoint
  • Show how SharePoint can help put on company events. Betsy models the use of SharePoint for registration and communication
  • Improve basic Search cheaply and easily through Best Bets
  • Build a strong partnership with your organization’s Help Desk

Find out how to advertise your self-help SharePoint resource site, which lets your employees learn to help themselves. You can’t make your resource site complicated. Otherwise, “you’re going to intimidate people,” Guthrie says.

Improve basic searches easily through “Best Bets.” These are a great way to direct people through the SharePoint search equivalent of Google’s “sponsored links.”

Get tips for creating a community. Sick of being flooded with emails on how to accomplish easy tasks? Get SharePoint questions out of email and into a searchable and dynamic discussion board.

You’ll gather creative tips, such as using organizational events to model the use of SharePoint for registration and communication. Build a partnership with your Help Desk to make them effective frontline support.

Don’t get overwhelmed. Start here and learn easy ways to improve your SharePoint engagement.

November 2013

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Betsy Guthrie

Betsy Guthrie is the SharePoint adoption lead for Autodesk, which has over 8,000 employees located all over the world. In the past five years she has built a support structure, cultivated ”SharePoint champions,” and created self-help communities to create a communication network that can organically adjust to the frequent reorganizations and direction changes that are part of a successful software organization in today's evolving technology economy. She is the only support lead, so she had had to build partnerships through influence and savvy communication techniques in order to leverage the enthusiasm and knowledge of users who already worked over 40 hours a week and who, as a rule, did not get recognition for their SharePoint contributions. She is based in California but spends most of her time on her computer doing instant messaging with users from all over the world.