What's After Social Media? Social commerce lessons of Uber and Airbnb

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Adapt or die. Nowhere is this truer than in digital commerce and communication. Social media was just the first phase of person-to-person sharing: Masses adopted platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn to share P2P media. Now, they flock to P2P commerce on Airbnb, Uber and LendingClub. Just as your company or brand engaged in social media with storytelling and content marketing, you must now participate in the movement known as the "Sharing Economy"—or risk losing what you worked so hard to build. In this gutsy keynote, former Forrester analyst and founding partner of Altimeter Group Jeremiah Owyang will show how other communications teams are changing their models to adapt to the Sharing Economy's next phase—and provide a framework you can use to make the jump into social commerce.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why the "Sharing Economy" is the next phase of social media
  • What's causing this sharing and maker movement
  • Which verticals are being affected the most
  • Why this movement influences all corporations
  • How this movement enables the "clean Web"—and why it matters to you
  • What companies and leaders must do now to overcome this disruption
  • How communicators can lead the move to the Sharing Economy in social commerce—and save their companies and careers in the process
July 2016

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Presenter bio: 

Jeremiah Owyang is the founder of Crowd Companies, an innovation club for Fortune 1000 companies on how large companies tap the collaborative economy. He examines how disruptive technologies—social media, mobile, and the Internet of Things—power the collaborative economy and affect the relations of corporations to customers. He is recognized by the tech industry and the media for his common-sense deriving of astute insights from rigorous research. His site, "Web Strategy," is one of the premier blogs on how corporations connect with their customers on the Web. Jeremiah was an industry analyst at Forrester Research, a founding partner of Altimeter Group, and a web marketing leader at Hitachi. @jowyang